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Message Subject Thinning Veils Shifting Perceptions
Poster Handle Saptaparna
Post Content
It starts as an archetype and it branches, splitting into different myths, different foundational 'Truths', isolating itself from itself as concepts are crystalized...different laws, different ideas of what it likes...and dislikes. On and on...

We are all so bound by these concepts that have been handed down, that we bind those concepts into our reality. When we bind ourselves to concepts, over time, constructs are put into place to make those concepts a reality into our worldview. And when the concepts turned constructs take root, the favor of bondage is returned...over and over, building and building, strengthening the chains and burying them deeper and deeper, rooting them into further isolation...separating generations further from the original truth...the original archetype. Distortion manifests.

Maybe that is what freedom is all about. Open mindedness, Free Will, Faith in your own self. They allow us to cross the ravines set in place between the branches...between pathways. To have the courage and strength...and resolve to make it through the blind spots inherent in such shadows beneath the walls of the ravines. Faith in yourself to step off the path, and find new ones that others are traversing. Find others to explore with you...helping to leave the isolation behind...finding ways to make it back Home...with friends.
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