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Message Subject Thinning Veils Shifting Perceptions
Poster Handle Saptaparna
Post Content
a very enjoyable thread as always :)
i am pretty tired so i can't focus to make a thorough contribution.

humanity dwells in spirit not in flesh.
a new spirit (for a new age) indwells in virgin flesh abodes.
flesh as opposed to spirit means inertia of old vs dynamic of new.
as the last age of humanity was focused on the development of abstract mind - humans became under the influence of the world of ideas/concepts, 'flesh' covers body, soul, and mind.

the great spiritual battle occurred on the mental battlefield.

victory of the evolutionary forces meant fighting with the gravity/inertia of concepts sustained by the collective mindsets of the vast majority of individuals.

succumbing to the gravity of such concepts/archetypes amounts to the falling of the flesh, flesh becoming dead from spirit perspective.

overcoming this immense force of conceptual gravity was attained by spirit indwelling virgin bodies.

in this specific context (mental) it means certain synergies of factors, such that one was never significantly forced from outside forces (family, school) to succumb to the gravity of particular concepts.

one had been given free will in the realm of mind, that meaning a certain immunity to the force of mental gravity.

one took them one by one, as he/she encountered them, and defeated them, and driving onward toward Truth.

one found a glimpse of truth in every one, but also much error.

this is the way of the true free thinker, open minded and creative, but in the same time using reason and logic.

these are the 144k who fought the Armageddon of the era. each on his own suffering the persecution of the adversary/inertia through every mouth trying to mock their mental purity (free thinking).

144k btw can be understood as expressing the essence of the abstract realm - mathematics - 12*12 - dodecahedron - geometry and 1000 - scale/arithmetics
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