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Message Subject Thinning Veils Shifting Perceptions
Poster Handle Captain Spaulding
Post Content
Oh I know we all have the senses and ability's to perceive what most think is either BS or only for the "special few". And religion has nothing to do with it.

The "Witch" displayed her perceptions when she was a very young child and her parents sent her to school that focused on developing those talents (for lack of a better term). It helped that the institute was close to where she lived.

We all have the ability to draw, but we're taught NOT to by our teachers. "NO Johnny, that doesn't look like a shoe". But to Johnny, that's what a shoe looks like. So only the few end up standing out. I learned to draw. All I could scribble out was a stick figure, if that. Then I got "Drawing n the Right Side of the Brain" and WOW! I can draw! It's the same thing.

I know the veil is thinning from my personal experiences, feelings and validation from a person who was trained from a young age and never told she DID NOT see, or sense things most other's didn't.

"Synergy" is a powerful word. And who knows how many of us will be aware of "the one" we're all a part of. We're not separate as most of us WANT TO believe because that's what most have been taught all their lives.

I'm still passionate about (believe it or not) Frank Zappa and his devotion to Dadism. There's more in his work, individually and as a whole, to demonstrate the seeming difference(s) in our world that are not differences at all. All is one, and the one is energy, and we're energy slowed to a vibration. Or tone, as you will. Kind of like you have to have contrast in life to appreciate all it's differences, then when you do, you "see" there is no differences.

Hoo boy. Sorry. It's Friday nite and I'm off to play frisbee with the dog. I need to lighten up.
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