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Message Subject Thinning Veils Shifting Perceptions
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The depths of one persons soul is infinite and boundless. And that is just one small fractal in this massive eternal picture. Imagine changing one persons soul, and how it will reflect throughout the entirety of future self. Imagine over 7 billion boundless souls changing, at the same moment, into the same direction, the same massive revelations. Imagine how that would radiate across all 7 billions souls future paths and all directions, in all times, in all places. Not to mention our friendlies, and our antagonists.

There is so much more than merely this material existence. Material existence is literally a mere shadow to what reality is. It will be beautiful when it all aligns, and converges.
 Quoting: Saptaparna

Or we could all be a a bunch of souless peices of flesh running about ranting on a spinning ball that orbits a giant fireball of burning gas...and when we die there is nothingness and it was all meaningless and we will be forgotten and our lifes and deaths were nothing but a spec of dust never to be heard from or seen again.hiding
 Quoting: shadowrun

What else do you have to measure our experience of reality with? Nothing, we know nothing of what is beyond this world, do believe something that is 99% water can be so complex as to hold a conscience? And how does that work?
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