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Message Subject Thinning Veils Shifting Perceptions
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

the veils will lift for 3 days as we pass thru the center of the center of the galaxy. Past present and future will all be viewable by each. fantasy and reality will become one. three days. some may get trapped in other reality's during the 3 days of mayheim. stay safe friend.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1515187

I have somewhat described a scientific way of showing how this could happen. It has to do with Schumann Resonance and the frequency waves within the mind. Here is some of the information.

Schumann Resonances
[link to www.valdostamuseum.org]

The natural frequencies of the Human Brain are:
Beta waves (14 to 30 Hz),
Alpha waves (8 to 13 Hz),
Theta waves (4 to 7 Hz), and
Delta waves (1 to 3 Hz).

Alpha frequencies have been associated with meditation and relaxation.
Theta frequencies have been associated with a dreamy, creative states.
Some experiments show connections between the brain states and resonant electromagnetic waves, raising the possibility that the Human Brain has evolved to be "in tune" with Planet Earth.

OK, so here is what I am going to propose: What if this incoming magnetic 'ribbon', or field, or fluff lowers the Schumann Resonances of the planet? Remember, at normal Schumann Resonance the planet is at 7.5 Hz. Because of all the electrical activity that we surround ourselves in (electricty lines, cell phones, radios, ect.) we are surrounded by a Hz higher than 7.5 Hz, thus creating a 'less relaxing' and more anxiety prone atmosphere for us to live in.

What if this magnetic field:

1. Causes failure of all electric grids, thus putting our ground area atmosphere back to 7.5 Hz.

2. Causes the possibilty that the Earth gets submerged in it, thus lowering by volumes the Schumann Resonance.

3. And this affect was registered by our brain, which functions by electro-magnetic pulses. A lowered Schumann Resonance, one that would go beyond Theta, into Delta and
further... what would we experience!?

Spiritual rapture, dream states, creative insurges. Imagine it, the entire world population suddenly experiencing this!

 Quoting: Saptaparna


We were listening to some solfeggio whilst under the influence of my alias last night, this thread sits well.. hf
 Quoting: DMTHC

knowing me knowing you it's the best I can do

 Quoting: Nice Bootes Billy

so much for sos such an enigma
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