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the biggest threat of Christianity, Islam, or Judaism

Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/13/2012 02:04 PM
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the biggest threat of Christianity, Islam, or Judaism
-these people think that this whole world is a virtual reality game created by a super-being

-so it doesn't really matter what people do. If we nuked the Hell out of the planet... so what? It was just an illusion. We wake up in Heaven! Or... they will at any rate. The chosen or whatever

-so we pollute the whole world to a wasteland. So what? heaven will be pristine and perfect!

-Think about it. These people do not think any of this is real. Their religion has convinced them that this life is no more real than 'the matrix'.

-This why they only vote on religious lines. So the candidate wants to nuke the world? Who cares! Just as long as he is in their religion! That is what the Gamemaster wants!

-Want to pollute the crap out of everything? Who cares! This video game will be over aaaaaannnnyyy day now! Its not like out children will be living in this video game anyways! We are all going to wake up in THE REAL WORLD.

This is why atheists have a problem with religious fanatics. Their decision making process has been totally corrupted.