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Message Subject Remember the "Gas Explosion" in Indianapolis the other day? Well look at this 911 call log from that day
Poster Handle El Quisqueyano
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or this:

I live 3 miles from the blast. It shook my home and rattled the windows. It was as loud as a lightning bolt hitting outside our window. I think the conspiracy theory is inaccurate for several reasons.

1) There is no blast crater. There are numerous aerial photos of this and no crater is evident. If you compare other images online where hellfire missals hit, you will see a crater.

2) The targets that some theorists are claiming to be the real targets are very far from this location. One is 20 miles away. That's a long distance to miss the target.

3) They have reported all the effected residents and there doesn't appear to be anything unusual. At the location of the blast lived a woman and her boyfriend. They were at the casino gambling that night. Their 12 year old daughter was staying at a friends house. I do find it unusual that they boarded their cat for the night. Who boards their pet when they are out for the evening? The fact that they had the house up for sale for awhile and it didn't sell leads me to believe they are investigating insurance fraud along with the faulty furnace the ex-husband claimed they had.
 Quoting: tomspoerner

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20084471

THIS ^^^ number 3 above - I know a fucking county JUDGE who went to prison for 17 yrs for committing insurance fraud. Set a house on fire that he was "rehabbing" with a partner, and it got into cost overrun so they decided to torch it. I knew the judge and his wife personally - they were clients of mine. He was VERY mild-mannered, he wouldn't hurt a flea. Plus, I own a cat and I would NEVER board it, especially just for one night! They couldn't sell the house, bad furnace, sounds to me like they got the bright idea to blow it up and blame it on the furnace. Got a little carried away with the explosives...

However, I can't explain all the other fishy shit - no remains, blown to bits, DHS, ATF, all the other strange stuff.....
 Quoting: candycrappingunicorn

I love all these new members that are registered, but have few posts commenting on these threads. candycrappingunicorn

Been registered since 2011, but only 20 posts? Come on, this is GLP.

BTW - a gas explosion, an exploding furnace and all other shit isn't felt 20-something miles away - it simply isn't.

It's not insurance fraud or some guy blowing up his house.

 Quoting: Turtles Voice

So tell us what it is.
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