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Message Subject Remember the "Gas Explosion" in Indianapolis the other day? Well look at this 911 call log from that day
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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We've got a man who is a con artist. This is direct proof in my opinion. She was older looks disheveled from the interview picture, just the type of ignorant white trash that would go along with her younger boyfriend's schemes of insurance fraud. Only if you look at her face in the picture and read what she told the local news about taking medication and not being able to sleep? Clearly because people are dead because of her little sheme. Where is the boyfriend? Haven't heard anything about him since this all started. Is it because he's the person of interest and being detained likely, yes. It's really tragic that a young couple with a real future had to die because of these losers scheme. The house was on the market and couldn't be sold. That's opens the door right up to collecting on the insurance. , in the interview, she says she knew nothing about a faulty furnace when her daughter had knowledge of it? That in itself is virtually impossible. Curious though why not admit to knowledge of a faulty furnace if your intention was insurance scam all along. Was her daughter and the boyfriend in the scam together?
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