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Message Subject Remember the "Gas Explosion" in Indianapolis the other day? Well look at this 911 call log from that day
Poster Handle taniatarn
Post Content
and if it was an insurance scam, what's with the blanked 911 record?
 Quoting: ehecatl

Yep...dont understand that at all and have loads of questions as a lot doesnt really add up.

The noises people heard, the size of the blast etc...

Maybe the 911 records have been seised as part of the investigation so they can listen to them for clues....

dunno. Its a really strange situation...

but the Boyfriend is totally dodgy without a doubt. And the cached page was created well before this happened. I also read a report that two men were seen leaving the house earlier in the day but cant substantiate that anywhere yet.
 Quoting: taniatarn

Was just thinking about this 911 thing....It may have something to do with the fact that perhaps John Longworth rung them from inside the house...he was trapped in there and they were unable to free him...( terrible for the responders )...that could be why they have removed the calls for this period.

Watched two different interviews with Monserrate Shirley...in the 1st she stated that she didnt know why her ex was saying there was a furnace problem, as she claimed to be unaware of any problems with the gas.

In the next interview she stated that her daughter complained of gas smell in the laundry area, that she herself had smelt a strong smell of gas there also and that the furnace had been leaking and she had got the thermostat replaced to fix it ( funny way to fix a leak..)
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