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Message Subject Remember the "Gas Explosion" in Indianapolis the other day? Well look at this 911 call log from that day
Poster Handle Hoosierbored
Post Content
I have a friend who lives near the blast site, and her husband and her were outside on their porch smoking s cigarette, when they saw something on fire, they thought it was a plane at first, before the explosion, she went in to her house after the explosion and posted what she saw online. They have ruled out a gas explosion, and their theory that it was an appliance, bull. But I think something on fire could have been a smaller meteorite. Bigger ones have wiped out thousands of acres a small on could have did that.
There were also reports out of Chicago there was a CIA drone in the area. So you have that possibility, but don't normally carry weapons that do that type of damage, they normal are recording information. wtf
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