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Message Subject fuck it.... lets all move to texas and let the rest of america enjoy there agenda 21 soup
Poster Handle Laura Bow
Post Content
How long will the other states to give in to the gun ban,how many of your neighbors will rat you out for having a gun,or speaking against agenda 21.
the only state that actually has a chance of succession and being successful at its own prosperity is Texas .
all other states we may last a few months but the masses will turn against us like dogs,just like they did voting for Obama because killing there unborn children and having a black man in the oval office is there main priority for the country.

Texas will be the last stand for American values.....all's I want to know is WHOS COMING WITH ME
 Quoting: DONT YOU DARE TREAD ON ME 27678382

Um...I guess you missed this thread a few days ago, Texas has been infiltrated by Agenda 21 as well...

Thread: Katy TX ISD: Pornography And More With Agenda 21 For Schools (MUST SEE)
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