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Message Subject Inspired?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Right here dumb dumb.

Yes, I see the post.
Yes, around.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20923453

Thanks for the civil response. I enjoyed myself.

Just to let you know, I act in accordance to my own sense of appropiateness based on the situation. I seldom limit myself and I have no qualms about failing to live up to other peoples standards.I have no problem allowing people their motivations, it is not for me to upset their apple cart unless they desire it. I allow peoples their hidden agendas unless they become detrimental. So I dutifully play along and respond appropiately. No skin off my nose as very little really matters in mundane circumstances. Success and failure are not always apparent in the here and now. I know you understand as you seem to have no difficulties in picking yourself up and dusting yourself off.

When things of a peculiar nature happen concerning the human psyche it is not something that is essily definable and defies logical explanation. It is this reason people refuse to accept the possibility of the existence of ESP. What I can tell you is, that in my experience it does occur and it occurs more easily among people that are open to it. I understand those who cannot accept it, and I wouldnot attempt to convince them otherwise. For myself I would describe it as a process that does not require an invovled thought process. it is automatic, much like an instinct. It is allowing the body to process, to think and to respond to stimuli. It can be describe very much as a feeling, it is not thought driven process.

I know many have difficulty accepting this. It is a process that can spillover into many aspects of life. A clairvoyant in dreams or an intuition as to anothers actions. I personally believe it is a culturally discarded remanant of a prehistoric survival skill. Still very present in our DNA but shunned because of its social implications. Being I find many social mores has having outlived there usefullness I will proceed according to my own standards. Terrible I know.

I see there is already a disassociation going on, that fine.

I would remind those that shutter with indignation,. who picked the fight. I realize that many of you are too civilize to condone my actions. I leave you to your own means. Civility is a thin veneer.
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