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Message Subject Inspired?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You were never able to distinguish that so don't even pretend you are.

And your rage against aether and his thread is YOUR projection of your own failure so don't try and pin your faults on me.
 Quoting: ArunaLuna

I don't touch his thread, nor does anyone of us.
It's a (xxxx) <--fill it in to your hearts will.
It's not our cancer, it's yours.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17388544

That's a laugh...you and your "people"...(waves at the air) are consumed by it...can't stop referencing it in other threads...yeah I see you jumping up and down all red in the face...

"look at me guys, I can predict a gamma ray burst"
"oooh, first of the year guys, I called it"

What good is your "talent"?
You can't even half ass troll people without shifting personalities...

You wanna talk all serious now, all role playing aside?
Mister dog on other people for exploring their own humanity whilst you flaunt in your own braggard way.
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