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Message Subject Inspired?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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 Quoting: ArunaLuna

I followed this thread from the inception and found your quips are gaining in sophistication from a year ago. I'm enthused if not quite inspired for you still seem to be intrigued by conflict habituated situations, but in a fascinating way that appeals. Makes a guy wish he also liked that sort of thing, but alas, not so, hence, no inspiration. Thanks for the entertainment, tho.

It'd be interesting if you could respond to some of the nice things people have lavished on you, but then maybe that's boring for you??? Just a guess, not a judgement.

Be well.
 Quoting: wabishkaeyabe 27514386

One of my biggest faults is my inability to remain emotionally grounded during conflict. I suppose in order to overcome that I do seek out situations where I can better myself, and that's just one on a long list so...

Not as nefarious as it may appear. I hate being in conflicts with people, but I also don't discount the good that comes out of it. I rarely find people who will actually go the distance to full RESOLVE though...

I understand in life there are ebbs and flows to people's emotions and that in one day you may think you hate someone and the next day learn from the emotion and see a bigger better world as a result...it's never quite cut and dry, one conversation and done...I don't judge people like that...but I also understand some people DO.

Rather than get to know the source of the ire they just cut and run.

I'd rather know...sometimes.

Helps me love the unlovable. And more of us should do that regularly.
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