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Message Subject Inspired?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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You can have the last of words then. Just corrected your stupid reality. Btw, if WE want to braggggg! We don't hide in threads MoRAN!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17357891

You've no ability to correct my reality...stupid or not.

You squat in other peoples threads and play your predictor games always ragging on other people for their roleplaying but it appears you're intimidated by anyone who demonstrates ANY hint of natural ability or even interest in discussing things like that.

Which makes sense now why you're always trying to convince others of your "divine nature". You don't experience the reality of it unless you're hooked INTO people here.

I think it angers you that people like me see that.

And talk about it.

But you probably meant you don't hide in threads on glp to brag. You probably reserve that for your naked dances under the moon huh...

The karma and all the other stuff you do to intimidate members and emotionally abuse them didn't work to drive me away and it pisses you off. Little miss chides people for swearing whilst exhibiting the very same defilement of the very innocence you claim to be part of.


Your game...I see a lot of good that DOES come in the wake of it though...so it's not as if I can fault you for it.
Taught me to trust myself more because of it too...so again...win win...
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