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9/11 Cartoon Physics

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11/13/2012 04:40 PM
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9/11 Cartoon Physics
Over the last few years we have covered the 9/11 issue in some detail. Cutting through the bogus truth groups and bogus theories about how the attacks were carried out, this programme provides a condensed appraisal of the most likely scenario as to what happened on 9/11. When one looks at the level of detail in Dr. Judy Woods research and the evidence put forward it is incredible to think that mainstream TV still stick to the laughable implausible story that planes flew into the towers which caused them to disappear. The likes of the BBC who continue to lie about 9/11 are criminals and continue to support the terrorists that carried out 9/11, by spinning a scientifically bogus account of what happened. The towers turned to dust in mid air, which is clearly demonstrated by several pieces of evidence. This show is available on DVD as part of a 6 programme box set.
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[link to www.richplanet.net] clip 1
[link to www.richplanet.net] clip 2
[link to www.richplanet.net] clip 3

ps. chekout rest of richplanet.net SHOW`S
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