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Small Business Saturday, Nov 24th, Sponsored by American Express.

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11/13/2012 04:45 PM

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Small Business Saturday, Nov 24th, Sponsored by American Express.

Just a side note that this "altruistic" program is sponsored by American Express, the company that charges small businesses the highest processing fees of all the credit card companies...

If Amex REALLY wants to support small businesses like ours, how about lowering the ridiculous CC processing fees? BTW, this is why we don't accept Amex at The Grain Mill of Wake Forest. They want 3.5% to process their card. My other card processors want 2.2%.

So if you're going to use a CC on Small Business Saturday, please do your shopkeepers a favor, and leave home without your American Express.

OR better YET... bring cash. It still works as a medium of value transference for the time being, and no one pays processing fees.
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