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Message Subject Is The USA Breaking Up? Petitions seeking approval to 'secede' now come from 47 states
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well I no longer recognize any part of what use to be The United States of America. As Jesse Ventura has dug-up the goods on how "W" rigged apparently both elections to help pull off the final plan of the Nazi's who have been busy setting up our nation for the final plan.

There are two big targets for them, first is Israel and the biggest population of Jews is right here in the USA, it is not 3%. The figure is at least 20% or more. I'd suggest anyone who is Jewish start investigating the fraud of just who Allen Dulles had set-up our so-called intelligence agencies. Also, get hold of the last six months of Nexus magazine which is bimonthly. Find out WHY in 1958 the US detonated five or more H-bombs in our upper atmosphere? The answer will get your ass in gear real fast.

Go to You Tube, look up the Christopher Story (aka Harley) there are three short videos all of you need to watch if you do not believe who really won WW-II. Get busy if you plan on surviving the next months. Just who would be so cold as to instruct the police to shoot people dogs? And think of all the Nazi type laws that have been shoved down Americans throats over the last 15-20 years. How many of you feel safer now than before?
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let me guess, I have 3 ongoing cancers right now....how close am I
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