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Message Subject Is The USA Breaking Up? Petitions seeking approval to 'secede' now come from 47 states
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You do realize that Obama won in a landslide? In order to properly secede, you would actually need proof that Obama didn't have support. The election last Tuesday proved exactly the opposite.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27695472

Hey tard, Obama's win was anything but a landslide, definitely no mandate

The popular vote was about 3 million votes difference at most

OBAMA: 62,605,311206M. ROMNEY: 59,129,157

[link to www.cbsnews.com]

The only reason the electoral votes are higher because of our flawed "winner take all" system, which means that a state like California or Florida give all of their EVs to one candidate even if the total is 49.9 to 49.2, as it was in Florida

Obama won 51% to 48% by real numbers, and that leaves nearly half of the population feeling like they are about to get screwed
 Quoting: IssueX


About half of the voting people aren't happy and there were TONS of people that just didn't vote because they felt like their vote didn't count and it doesn't. Our Presidential elections are decided by just a few states.
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