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Message Subject Sexuality and Choice.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Many people believe that homosexuality is a choice.

Does that then mean that heterosexuality is also a choice?

If so,what is a heterosexual choosing between?

Gay and straight?

Straight,gay or bi?

Gay,straight,bi or asexual?
 Quoting: JeffVader

Well..if a firm rounded bottom with a nice wet tight clam was presented to me...and on the other side a hairy smelly bum with a dick and balls and a brown starfish full of feces was shown to me..ID GO THE CLAM..

Cause only a sicko PERVRT would CHOOSES to fuck the SHIT!

SEE..its a CHOICE!

NORMAL people choose CLAM..\

SICK CUNTS choose the SHIT!
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