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Message Subject Sexuality and Choice.
Poster Handle RoseTyler
Post Content
sexuality is pure nature, there is only male and female, look around you, all nature is this way, there is no third sex.

homosexuality is un natural, it is a perversion, or a abomination like god says. Once for all, there is no anal sex in nature, no animal ever touches the feces of other animal, rather they run from it. two males always fight, even to death.

there is no such thing as sexual option, your sex is definied even before you are born, so we have no option, or choice.

when men try to overcome nature, the results are always the same, over and over and over again.. death and destruction
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27808463

Homosexuality also occurs in the wild. Educate yourself.

My question is, how come people are so obsessed with what other people do in the bedroom, or who they love?
Aren't there more pressing issues? Why does someone else's love life concern you?

And why is it always brought up that homosexuality is un-natural because of needs to reproduce, and this is one thing that is used as why it's wrong, and perverse etc.
Yet I have seen soooo many on here saying they are making the choice of not having kids, because of the times we live in, the overpopulation and the uncertainty of what the future holds from here.
Perhaps then, nature gives us more homosexuals today, if that should be the case, I don't actually know, so there will be less people born? Or at least less kids brought into this world that aren't carefully planned ahead.
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