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chase manhatten, following the money trail,and the apocolyptic timeline

User ID: 27101962
United States
11/13/2012 05:50 PM
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chase manhatten, following the money trail,and the apocolyptic timeline
firstly, with the model in mind, that is, the fusion of oil and the miltaries controlling the nation-states and secondly,that the big commercial holding banks are all issuing ptroleum debt, let us look closely at the human geography of the bailout, a geography based on the 3 oil nations on the planet, the caspian sea, the arabian peninsula, and the north pacific rim....in order to get the bailout money, chase had to open itself and it revealed a secret plan to pitch their tent in the northwest for the first time in their 300 year history, a history that has its roots in great britain and new york...this secret move was called project northwest..if we look at the nature of islamic imperialism with the above model in mind, we see why chase started this move under the guise of buying seattle based washington mutual as the dog and pony show...the banks are petro banks and the global military intel is fused into it and what intel is telling the banks is that they are powerless to stop the islamic imperialists from nuking their own oil..this would leave the north pacific rim as the only palce on the palnet with working oil,oil that is needed every second...