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the serbs and the scots finish off the nazis..rg laffen... the guardians of the gate

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United States
11/13/2012 06:31 PM
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the serbs and the scots finish off the nazis..rg laffen... the guardians of the gate
as the nazis realized that they were not going to conquer russia by land, a full shift was in order to get to the romanian oil fields as their only hope was bombing based on romanian based sorties, romania being a part of southeaetren europe that they blew thru to start the war..getting to that romanian oil meant going thru the balkans as the russian front was curled at its southern portion...the allies, therfore, brought together special forces who had mountain experience fighting together in ww1, mostly comprised of serb mountaineers and scottish highlanders..these special forces did not allow the nazis to gain complete leeway as they only controlled this area during the day and not at nite..this veiled resistance was enough to stall the nazi push and the russians easily moved into germany with the allies completing the sandwich with their normandy based incursion...history is repeating itself in the oil business, as the oil nazis are about to meet their maker as the slavic based russian state owned oil comes online using the guidance of the roll up your sleeves texas anglos within the resurrected entity known as texaco, the rebellious 7th sister who wounded the oilbeast of the book of revelation..
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