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Message Subject If I Were The Devil...AMAZING
Poster Handle Dexter
Post Content
If I were the devil...what a load of crap. Who hasnt been the devil? If you arent now, who amongst who isnt now has never been the devil in their own way? The very idea of it is flawed. What you call "the devil" I call "human beings who haven't yet learned to encapsulate light, who havent learned what Love is or how to use it. I would call it "old man" or "beast man". If I were the devil I would have done all those things just to finally learn what it means to be without your other half, and without blessings of the Creator. If I were the devil, by now I would be learning, and acting correctly, and working on viable ways to clean up my own mess, because if I were the devil at one point, I am not now, and will do my best to help fix the mess i created as the devil. If we all did that, this shit would get better really fast. But everyone is afraid to realize they were the devil, they are the devil, they need to move past it and realize it was the only way to teach the value od Love and of holding Light. If I was the devil, I had a great plan, because I was also the Son of the Sun, Lucifer, who is also the lightbringer. I would wake up at the last minute, and get some shit together, pick up the mess, go home, figure out how to clean up the rest without killing everyone and come back. That's what I would do if I was the devil and had a plan from the beginning to bring this planet back into Light.
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