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Message Subject Jordan Protests - Game Changer - Moslem Brotherhood TRYING TO SAVE Jordan's King?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yep... It would take a couple of days to read the instruction manuals before you made the YouTube videos... wouldn't want to shoot yourself (again)..
 Quoting: DarbyDoom

chuckle Saw a relative video once.

Reports are saying that they're becoming more effective in number of kills lately, number doubled to about 50 Syrian army soldiers per day, but that is also coz Assad forces are trying new tactics and asymmetric warfare against them too. Bloodbath. :(
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

On the other side -

Azelin tweets summary of the Jihadi death notices each week. It was 75 last week, 7 from Libya...

And those are just Islamists whose death notices are on the websites he monitors...
 Quoting: DarbyDoom

Doubt this 75 per week is true, it's much more, except if he's talking about one specific jihadist group.
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

He monitors multiple websites...but I can't think all the rebels dying are experienced enough in the Jihadist movement that they would justify a martyrs message...

There are rebels who aren't jihadist - they wouldn't be on the websites.... Then there are all the new jihadists - people who's first jihad is Syria...they wouldn't have a message... Then, you have all the new jihadi organizations that have sprung up.... They probably aren't on his radar....

Then add the fact that probably some of what he translates he's not allowed the release.... 75 from multiple websites could turn into 750 in the real world easily...

He's looking at Tunisia & Libya's Ansar al Sharia websites & AQ in the Arabian Peninsula...sites like that...(and they lost 75 people in Syria last week)
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