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Message Subject Jordan Protests - Game Changer - Moslem Brotherhood TRYING TO SAVE Jordan's King?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Government Left With Few Options But Likely to Fight

...By insisting that last week’s controversial lifting of fuel subsidies was necessary to avert a financial crisis, PM Ensour placed the country into a “no-win” standoff with critics of the decision.

“If the government insists on its decision, the protests in the streets will only continue and protesters’ demands will become greater,” ...

“If the government backs down over fuel prices, it will have essentially surrendered its economic policies to the street,” ...

Short of reversing its decision, analysts say the government should embark on a series of emergency “confidence-building measures” to defuse anger in the streets and regain public trust...

One of the alternative measures available to officials is to accelerate efforts to tackle corruption, which citizens’ widely view as one of the main causes behind the country’s current economic woes...

...another alternative option . . . is a series of “in-house” austerity measures, such as cutting back the pensions and salaries of current and former ministers and officials, to send a message to the public that the government too is tightening its belt...

With the government torn between economic realities and rising street anger, analysts say the government can solve the country’s various political and economic woes by issuing one simple declaration: a state of emergency...

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