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Message Subject Jordan Protests - Game Changer - Moslem Brotherhood TRYING TO SAVE Jordan's King?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What Libya's UN Ambassador says about Qatar & the Arab Spring (this is the guy who defected & cried at UN which helped to get sanctions against Libya approved)...

UN Ambassador Shalgam Names Qatari Names...

Shalgam has written a new book about the 2011 revolution. The take-away - Qatar was the puppet master. Qatar was behind revolution. Qatar has supported Islamists in Libya. Emir of Qatar wants to be new Caliph (ruler of entire Middle East). He also revealed that many Libyan politicians have taken pay-offs from Qatar (luxury cars & new homes). One named politician who received a car is on the new Libyan cabinet. Not surprisingly, Shalgam's new book has not been mentioned in the western media.

BUT - he began talking about Qatar's role in Libya a year ago and excerpts from one of his interviews on AJA made its way into Foreign Policy Magazine.. Here it is-

Shalgam: Even the Libyans don't understand this (possible Qatar led coalition) Qatar leading America & France? Who is Qatar?

Shalgam: Does Qatar even have an army? Qatar only has mercenaries, from Nepal & from Bangladesh & from Pakistan.

Shalgam: What capability does Qatar have? Our brothers from Qatar helped us but I fear Qatar will meet the fate of Gaddafi's megalomania.

Shalgam: Qatar might have delusions of leading the region. I absolutely do not accept their presence (in Libya) at all...

Shalgam: What is Qatar doing there (in Libya)? Qatar isn't neutral with all parties. Qatar will gather these weapons & give them to others...

Shalgam: What makes Qatar so special that it sets up an operations room (in Libya) to lead Britain & the US, this is totally unacceptable...

Shalgam: We will not accept to be a new emirate that belongs to the new "Emir of the Believers" in Qatar...

[link to blog.foreignpolicy.com]
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