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You guys give up to easilly...

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United States
11/13/2012 06:50 PM
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You guys give up to easilly...
So what the wrong guy got in office... has happened before and will happen again...

So what it's 2012... IT's a fucking number get over it...

So what there's evil in the world that's been going on since ADAM and EVE people...

You want to know why the world has survived so long even those three things are constantly going on in this world? IT's because people don't give up. I see so many posts here on facebook and just about anything someone can complain on that the end is nigh and blah blah blah.

Sounds to me like a bunch of quitters. You do this an then all the evil in the world will have a fucking party because they have beat your asses down to submission.

Fuck that shit I'm not giving up on this country and especially on what founded it in the first place. If the big boys need a reminder of what our Country SHOULD STAND FOR then I'll more than happily provide it for them.

You don't control me WE THE PEOPLE CONTROL YOU! They would do well not to forget that. They serve us not the other way around.
Ron Paul or Bust