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Ala gov to feds....go to hell

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United States
11/14/2012 04:24 AM
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Ala gov to feds....go to hell
Gov Bently of the great state of Alabama said today that
he would not fund provisions of Obamacare, aka the
affordable care act. Something to do with it costing fifty million dollars.
Also a local amendment passed that bans mandatory
health care.
State govt can't print money out of thin air, and the feds,
who can, don't seem to understand this.
Southern schollars (and others) have said that the root causes of the civil war (civil war one?) was mainly
onerous taxes and explotation of south by north.
Leftists have said this is an excuse, slavery was the reason.
well, both were important, but notice there is no slavery
now, and a lot of states are talking about getting the hell outta dodge.
Really, look at the election night map, a small part of
the country elected the president, which is bad enough,
but to elect a president who traces his roots back to
a host of radical and communist organizations and
leftist radicals...
Maybe its time for people to go their own way, let the
ones who still beleive in freedom live as they want,
and let the looters have their own little collectivist
utopia, free cell fones and all.
Just saying...rant
You can ignore the consequences of
your actions, but you cannot ignore
the RESULTS of the consequences of your actions

Ayn Rand