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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
started hearing planes again in central israel after about an hour of silence.
 Quoting: BrotherNature

Prayers for all of you there now! I've got relatives who will no doubt be on the front lines!

 Quoting: Steve5728

thank you very much!
i hope your relatives come back home safe and healthy
 Quoting: BrotherNature

BrotherNature, Steve and other Israelis or Israeli supporters with connections

Pleast DO NOT say anything that can potentially aid the terrorist enemy or their Iranian bosses, who can well read this open messaage board.

Scoring "Internet cool points" should not take precedence over potentially costing Israeli lives or jeopardizing any aspect of operations, including even location of Israeli jets or timing of their operations, etc.

Let the trolls & fanboys guess what IDF is up to at any given moment. You don't owe them a thing!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27831533


Paranoid much???

Take a look under your bed, maybe some ebil iranian terrorist is hiding down there aswell!
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