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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
something is off with all what's happening , think about it a little bit , quoting the famous meme ( this escalated quickly ) maybe too quickly ,i think israel is making a mistake here ,i mean this is the Perfect situation for iran , this is exactly what they wanted , just to distract israel with some fireworks , knowing that israel have tendency to over react , so they can buy some time at least a couple of months . this is exactly what i would do if was iran .
 Quoting: hirÒ

Israel has a tendency to "over-react"??? Compared to what, the "Mother Teresa Regiment" of her Majesty's Royal Airforce?

LOL, 10,000 rockets and mortar over a decade, plus countless terror attacks & foiled attempts... and Israel is just supposed to take it?

As for Iran being so smart, it being too clever for its own good is why it's currency lost 80% of its value in just last 3 months... why it was voted the LEAST popular country in the world, the young Iranian people absolutely DESPISE the Ayatollah regime, can't wait to over-throw it... and now they may have given Israel CASUS BELLI by placing Iranian al-Qods commandos & Fajr-5 weapons inside Gaza --- the documented proof of which Israel is about to receive as it invades Gaza.

Chances are, Iran is NEXT after Gaza (and possibly Hezbollah).

So, so super-clever Iranians are... I tells ya.
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