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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle my 2 cents
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Israel, it is time for you to stop asking the world for their permission to defend yourselves. If you don't put up the last fight, you will have to do this every 4 years until the end of time, and every 4 years their rockets will become more advanced, more accurate, and have better range. Not only this, but soon they will be applying for statehood, this under any circumstances cannot happen. You must shutdown this cry for membership of the UN; the only way to defend your country is to go beyond that which is considered international law, no one will stand with you, but everyone will condemn you. This is why you must defend yourself now, the world has gotten too used to your nation being attacked and your people too accustomed to the sirens and running to the shelters. You have to get rid of this HAMAS, not only for Israelis but for the Palestinians. If there was no more HAMAS, no more charter of evil, then you, Israel would not have to fight for your existence against Hamas, and you and the Palestinians would live in peace. But HAMAS does not want this, they know that you will gladly greet the Palestinians with open arms if they put their weapons down.
 Quoting: ~Proud Zionist~

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