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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle Devoted Follower
Post Content

Because the have great night capabilities.

Why wouldn't they?

Why give an enemy the advantage of even ground.
 Quoting: Devoted Follower 27988063

that's the whole point tho isn't it.

there is no even ground here.

Hamas has no army.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28031990

And yet they still attack Israel...

Kinda asking for trouble aren't they?

I guess you expect them to sit back and let missiles rain down on them?

If it were up to me I reduce Gaza to a heap of rubble then push the pile into Egypt with bulldozers...

Let the Egyptians sort mess.
 Quoting: Devoted Follower 27988063

yeah you're right.

hamas should just roll over for Israel like a good slaves.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28031990

I don't expect Hamas to roll over...I do however expect them to die.

When you get into a fight with someone bigger than you...you usually lose.

Like it or not...that's the way of the world.

Natural selection...

Hamas has proven time and time again that the cannot peacefully coexist with Israel.


They have chosen the road that leads to death.

So be it.

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