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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle recollector
Post Content
how to fuck is israel winning? they struck an unbelievable 2000 ''terror'' targets so far, yet hamas is still pounding israel with dozens and dozens of rockets since monday morning. they have to go in. if they don't, then they will look weak forever. if they do, then they will lose support all over the world. they already lost. israel is nothing anymore.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26329713

Now this is something to work with, even tho is a muzzie rambling with little meaning.

What you (and we) need to ask, is not HOW Hamas keeps firing missiles after 1,350 (not 2,000) have been hit, but WHY Israel let them do that?

Now, there are only TWO logical answers :
1.Israel is UNABLE to destroy all launchers
2.Israel DOES NOT WANT to destroy all launchers.

If 1., it means that Egypt is either suplying Hamas with missiles, either close the eyes when others (Hezbollah, Iran) supply Hamas.
In this case, no cease-fire, Israel will HAVE to go to the source, otherwise Hamas will keep fire.This means land invasion of Gaza and most likely occupation.

If 2., Israel is trying (dunno if will succed) to lure Hezbollah into attacking, because, well, Israel can't deal with little Hamas.
However, only looking like unable, Hezbollah might not bite it.So, no cease-fire, land invasion of Gaza, provoking this way Hezbollah to stop talking and start acting.

I believe that we are witnessing an Israeli master plan (if will succed, or not, we will see) to deal with BOTH Hamas and Hezbollah, while occupying at least the egyptian side of Gaza, for a total blockade.This in order to strike Iran, ofc.
 Quoting: recollector

Or the answer could be:
They need to destroy everything around them, so they only have one front to focus on. The retaliation attack from Iran, after they strike the nuclear facilities in iran

 Quoting: Limpan

Which is what I said...
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