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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle Zef
Post Content
When I consider Islam, I consider all the writings and opinions I have read. I consider the history of the tribes of Mohammeds' time, and their cult practices. I consider the actions of those Muslims around me, compared to what is written in the Quran. I consider what the mullahs and the clerics say. I pay attention.

The Quran is the most confused mishmash of other peoples' ideologies ever thrown into one book. It goes from loving the Jews and Christians at the beginning, to hating everyone opposed to Islam at the end. Each surah disintegrates from its supposed topic to the rantings of a confused madman.
Some of us look at things for what they are, not the way some Ayatollah asshole wants you to believe.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1044117

so you certainly know with your acquired knowledge about islam that Muhammad (asws) said that in the end time era, the wisdomfull religious leaders (imams) among Islamic community will disappear one by one until near none of them has any wisdom at all, right ?

you dont ? then you still have a lot to learn about islam before giving a strong rooted opinion.

most of current imams around the world doesnt understand and interpret Quran correctly regarding this end time era, they are totally overwhelmed by this technocracy, thus they seem to live with old beliefs, stone aged civilisation, they didnt adapted and understood this era at all.

just a little exemple, very few or near none of imams in arabic countries forbiddens and condemns "usury" (in banks)...though usury is the kind of sin that leads to hell...arabic countries greenwash usury and give it another name, so to say it's halal. what a joke.

each and everyone shall understand and interpret religious scriptures to their capabilities and refer to the first era if necessary, and refrain to give an unrooted opinion.

Farah Filasteen ‏@Palestinianism

Two people died from their injuries sustained during the aggression on #Gaza Zaki Qdada (42) and Jouda Suliman (30)
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