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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle Ashton's Succulent Volvo
Post Content
If Palestine is recognized as a state at the UN and Morsi is impeached in Egypt...it's pretty much game over !

If the US doesn't veto the Palestinian bid I think it clearly shows which side Obummer is on and it's safe to say Israel will be on its own ! verysad
 Quoting: subzero86

You know what, I think I've had just about enough of this hand-wringing & whining.

1) Israel is full of Jews and Jews, especially Ashkenazi ones, are supposed to be awesome, smart and creative.

2) Israel, Mossad and Co. had to have known who and what Barry Hussenovich Soetoro The First was even before his election in 2008. And by some mindboggling reason, they didn't do their homework THEN... then they absolutely should have known it by NOW.

3) And for all the Obama hostility to Israel, mostly of covert & sneaky variety as Obama is too smart to have confronted Israel publically --- for instance, why do you think Erdogan all of the sudden started accuse Israel of being terrorist-state and send provocative Flotilla? --- what with him being Obama's best chum.....why do you think suddenly Muslim Brotherhood is on the march, etc.

4) Well, for all the Obama's Anti-Israeli background & clever backstage manipulations.... and considering that Romney was supposed to be Bibi's good friend...... Mossad seems to have done absolutely NOTHING to sabotage Obama's re-election.

*Nothing on Benghazi-gate.
*Nothing on Obama's Chicago gay bath-house hijinks. *Nothing on Obama's cocain using & possibly dealing. *Nothing on that video tape that LA Times was allegedly suppressing back in 2008.
*Nothing on fake BC
*Nothing on Obama's muslim faith
*Nothing on Obama's college records, his alleged lies about being a foreign student, the dubious Saudi Arabia characters who bank-rolled his education....

Nothing. Mossad did nothing. It was all there. Obama barely won the re-election as it is, probably with George Soros vote-flipping in Spain; so unconvering even ONE of the aformentioned scandals, would have ruined Obama.

5) After dodging a UN bullet in 2011, Israel HAD to have known that the only reason it didn't work was because Obama & Abbas were saving the best for last --- that is, for AFTER Obama's November 2012 Elections. Netanyahu had ample time to prepare for that eventuality.

6) Actually, Israel and their supposed top-notch intelligence operators, International Law experts, and Propaganda meisters... should have been ALL preparing for this contingency/eventuality for years, nay for DECADES. With not just Plan A in place, but also plan B, C, D, E, F, well sorry I only know the alphabet until the letter F, but you get the idea

7) I already posited in my 18-point post a few days back, that in my opinion one of the biggest reasons Netanyuahu cut the Operation "Amud Anan" was because of the Abu Mazen's impending UN Status-Upgrade application. Which in turn would allow PA to sue Israel for WAR CRIMES in Hage ----> not matter how inherently ridiculous & frivilous such charges may be, do NOT expect the (massively Saudi/Qatar-bribed) European "Progressives" to give Israel a fair chance.

8) It must be shown beyond reasonable doubt and using 21st century media tools that Paletine does NOT even begin to meet the necessary criteria for Statehood if only because:

a) One of the main conditions for being accepted into the family of nations is that the applying entity MUST be both self-sufficient and even more importanly peaceful & peace-seeking. PA absolutely fails on both accounts. The terror, the terror incitement & vile teaching of children to hate & kill the Jews is rampant in "Palestine". Easily provable and demonstratable.

b) Both Hamas AND the secular PLO charters clearly deny both Jewish rights & existence. Their leaders have echoed that sentiment over the years, both in Arabic and in English. Even the darlintg of the West, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Mr. Moderate Himself... is nothing but a Holocaust-Denier, a bank-roller of the 1972 Munich Massacre. Hell, as recently as this year, he said that Jews have no history in Jerusalem! In Jerusalem!

c) Abbas doesn't even represent the Palestinian people becaue his Presidential term expired 3 years ago. And his has zero authority in Gaza.

d) Again, PA should be disqualified if only because its military wing Al-Aqsa Martys Brigade is classified as a terrorist organization --- with history of dozens of bombings, shootings and other terror activity. Even

e) One of the main condition for Statehood is ability to uphold agreements & treaties over time. And a unilateral application to the UN is a gross violation of the Oslo Accords -- both in letter & spirit. And it's not as if Abbas has no peace partner --- in fact, Israel has been practically begging Abbas to come to the negotiation table for years. Likewise Israel is on record as having made sweeping concessions in 2000 with Ehud Barak and 2008 with Ehud Olemert. The rejectionism & intransigence has clearly been the grater Palestinian strategy (especially with Obama pulling the strings behind the scenes)

f) San Remo, Balfour Declaration, the whole League of Nation decision on Jewish homeland being ENSHRINED into the Founding Charter of its successor, the UN. That guarantees Israel a much bigger territory. Undeniable fact that cannot be over-written by UN General Assembly chockfull of banana-republics. Furthermore, even the UNSC Resolution 242 authored by Eugene Rostow stipilates that the final status of the territories can only come through BI-LATERAL agreement. See: the editorial Eugene Rostow wrote in which he basically upholds Israel's righrs, if not outright sides with Israel.

If nothing else, all these alleged Jewish & Israeli geniuses, experts and officials should try to exert much more pressure on the overtly hostile Abbas. For instance, might want to let Abbas know that he and his corrupt sons not only will be cut off financially, Israel will no longer protect him from Hamas asssassination squads -- remember Hamas is on record as being AGAINST this state application because it if only indirectly recognizes the Jewish state, LOL.......

Might want to tell Obama that if he doesn't stop Abbas, that Jewish settlement blocks, most of Area C and the Jordan Valley will be annexed (the latter is all the more important especially now that Jordan is at risk falling into Muslim Brotherhood hands)

So knowing all **THAT**.... having all that potential leverage..... if a week from now Bibi, Barak and Lieberman & their cadre of advisers & diplomats STILL get caught with their pants down... then they have NOONE to blame but themselves.
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