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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle ClydeX
Post Content

Thanks for the update.
Tension seems to be getting hotter on the border.
 Quoting: reaperz73

It will be interesting to see if Obama keeps his supposed promise to BiBi and puts US troops on the Sinai border to stop smuggling of Iranian weapons to Gaza !
 Quoting: subzero86

I know I don't trust him, so you can bet your last dollar that Bibi knows the score.

Most (at least most here now) know that this cease fire has been engineered to show Israel's restraint and willingness to negotiate, while at the same time create yet another opportunity for the world at large to see the aggression truly coming from the other side of the fence (literally).

Consider this as well; at this point in history, Israel knows full well it has been left on it's own - that writing has been chiseled onto the wall. With this understanding, don't discount the possibilities that again appeasing Washington (BO) will also ultimately reveal that even though Israel capitulates with the desires of Washington under the guise of more and more promises, Washington cannot be trusted from an Israeli standpoint any more than Hamas & Co.

As this comes to fruition, Israel will actually have a much more firm footing to do whatever they deem necessary to ensure their own safety and survival.

The attention span for many has been exceeded during this cease fire time frame. This is the by-product of a society so steeped with instant gratification, that if something isn't "right now", then it has either failed or the operation is over in entirety. This is far from the truth, and this time is being used for many preparations, both politically and logistically, on more than one front, while also crating an environment where true supporters of Israel (as Israel - not some concocted combined area) as well as their true enemies are all ultimately revealed.

This is the beginning of separating the wheat from the chaff.
 Quoting: ClydeX

What do you suppose will happen if Israel is attacked by multiple Muslim states in unison? Israel would obviously respond viciously in the beginning. What would Obama do? Threaten to join the Muslims against Israel and bomb Israel from subs and carriers?Seems to me that Obama expects Israel to accept extermination or risk the US attacking Israel. This power broker thing Obama is doing, coupled with Obama's Muslim sympathies spells the end of Israel. If Israel submits to Obama they will be destroyed. They will also be destroyed if they don't. How does Israel deal with this?
 Quoting: ISO

Part of this last week's focus was to begin addressing that very threat. An opportunity for Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, etc., all to raise their heads, even if not by directly acting but exposing their supplying/ supporting of factions against Israel, thereby creating a pathway for Israel to take care of pressing issues on their doorstep before moving on to garbage further out in the neighborhood.

As much disdain as I have for Obama, I don't see him taking direct action against Israel any time soon - but I can surely be wrong. Obama is looking at the Caliphate as a child eyes wrapped Christmas gifts, as he believes he will definitely have a position of importance within should such actually become realized. Saying that, I believe he will create any obstacle in Israel's path possible that he can from behind the scenes, while attempting to retain the mask of alliance with Israel here at home. Remember, he's only said "Israel has a right to defend themselves", and this brings to light a couple of different angles.

1) He made that statement, and it has been repeated over and over by the MSM this past week and a half as if he's putting full support behind Israel, though this is not so. He's made no specific, qualifying statement regarding the Israel/ Gaza conflict, though he has spent time traveling while extending his support to Egypt under the guise of "negotiating a cease fire". He, as always, has yet to make a firm stand for Israel.

2) I firmly believe he will do everything within his capabilities to promote the acceptance of Palestine in the UN, further expressing his support for those factions still striving for an elimination of Israel.

3) His statement centered around Israel's "Right to defend themselves" - implying as long as they were to wait to get hit first, the respond with a proportionate action, he was ok with it. This position will hurt Israel in the near future, and they definitely recognize that.

If Israel continues their current path of clearing their doorstep, the threat of multiple exigent engagements at home will be greatly diminished. Obama knows this, as does Hamas/ Hezbollah/ Islamic Jihad/ Egypt/ Syria/, and certainly Iran. As much as Israel is using the current quelling of fighting to further their ultimate goals, the above named actors are using this time as well to re-organize as to how best to create more disruptions in Israel's plans, consume resources, wear down personnel (even the ramping up & waiting creates stress & fatigue), and attempt to weaken the resolve of the Israeli citizenry.

Should all of this planning and preparing fail and Israel is then attacked on multiple fronts by multiple nations, they have not been very secretive pertaining to the possibilities of "The Sampson Option". This, ultimately, would not be positive for Israel, nor the rest of the world, but I firmly believe they would rather engage such option before seeing what is left of Israel being turned over to and becoming an Islamic state.

While we are gorging ourselves on left overs, storming the sales, preoccupying ourselves with football, and otherwise living with blinders on as we enter the holiday season, let us not forget that there are very serious events on the near horizon as we continue our distracted lives while living during the most dangerous times in history.

God bless us all.
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