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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle DPS
Post Content
i just try to figure how AntiChrist will erase arab presence from israel/palestine and surroundings, expand israel borders (from nile to euphrate) get his hands on jerusalem and rebuild Salomon temple.

israel is not yet subjected to extermination, it will happen only when Jesus returns. Until then Israel will rule the world with the AC as their leader.

im trying to figure out the puzzle pieces chuckle
 Quoting: Zef

that sounds exactly like our moshiach!
 Quoting: DPS

that is because he will be your moshiach, this is God plan to fool you guys. He sends the AC first, then He sends the real moshiach to kill the AC.

only judaism doesnt talk any word about AC, i let you guess why hf

im very curious to know if these clashes in egypt will lead to another war between egypt and israel until israel definitely occupies sinai up to the nile, this being the first border goal achieved, then since syria is currently under doom, israel will launch also an invasion on syria from golan heigths to expand territory to euphrates.

the question remains about lebanon and jordania.
popcorn time
 Quoting: Zef

to the contrary you little uneduceted gentile, the AC was invented by romans (who created christianity for thier own agenda) so end time christians would reject moshiach...
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