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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content


It seems...

Was it super pinned all 9 days?

2.6 posts/min, every minute, for 9 straight days?

 Quoting: Seer777

motivational as in propaganda

Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position by presenting only one side of an argument
 Quoting: observation

[link to en.wikipedia.org]
 Quoting: aether


Seems I just would have taken notice of this thread before now... being I am on GLP quite often, instead of seeing it after 1117 pages in 9 days.

Seems it would have caught my attention is all.

 Quoting: Seer777

good point thinking about it
clever thing propaganda
creeps up on you
 Quoting: aether

Yeah, Muslim Petro-Dollar financed propaganda does have a tendency to creep up on you.... but not as cleverly as your average old Imam's hands tend to creep up on the anus of a distracted 7 year old Blond-n-Blue-eye boy during a private, um, tour of a Madrassa.

"Oh young one lookee there what do we have here? A most-Blessed depiction of our most blessed Muslim Prophet, Jesus, from when he most-divinely slayed the dirty Jew dog toddlers right in their cribs, and Allah most-blessedly rewarded Jesus for it with a platinum Mercedes-Benz, Most divinely...Now, young one, look at the time it's getting late you sure your moms is running late, do you like fingerssssss, ooops I think I dropped something, do you mind bending over and picking it up for me sweet yAAAAYAYAZA"
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