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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content

This is the whole tweet ,
 Quoting: NDH

Thank you
 Quoting: reaperz73

That's the Igla-S portable system that I was always mentioning my post. The assumption was that both Hamas and Hezbollah have had them for months, if not years. They tried to down IDF drones, jets and helicopters during Operation "Amud Anan" -- and failed big time.

Either, Iran is in HUGE trouble. Not only are they hemorraphinig their currency and the swelling young population of Iranians HATE Ayatollah guts and can't wait to overthrow them --- the only thing thing keeping them from revolting is the enormous repressive IRGC & Basij militia apparatus (until Israel puts a giant kebosh on all their installations)

Now Iran has ADMITTED that they've been arming Hamas. Hezbollah & Islamic Jihad, all terror organizations & sending Al-Qods & IRGC advisors to wage war on Israel.

And that, my friends, not only opens up Iran and Iranian leadership for MAJOR lawsuit from terror victims in Israel -- which can have all kinds adverse implications on the Iranian corporations & companies going forward.... but it's nothing short of CASUS BELLI.

The big bravado-spewing Islamic mouths of Ali Larijani, Khaled Meshaal, Shalah couldn't keep quiet while IDF was handing their presumably less-than-washed ass to them on a platter all week long....No, they just had to admit Iran's ACTIVE role --- something that was known beforew, but that Iran vehemently denied, as a matter of national policy.

Haha, Israel now could strike pre-emptively on Iran's nuke program & the Ayatollah regime/IRGC as SELF-DEFENSE.

And they will once all the ducks are in a row. Allegedly :)
 Quoting: ASV 2814042

I was shocked when Iran chose to just openly admit it this week. I think they calculated that Israel would go berserk and attack them immediately after announcing what they had denied up until now.

Now that Israel didn't take their bait (which was a big gamble on Iran's part), Iran has lost one of their strategic advantages; being able to play the victim when Israel does attack. They were so sure Israel WOULD attack. Who knows how this changes things. For one, Israel is gonna be doing a lot of bombing runs to take out shipments of weapons outside the immediate Israel/Gaza area.
 Quoting: ISO

Now you're thinking...

Cuz a few days ago you and others wanted to tar-and-feather Netanyahu.

Cuz, you know Moshe Feiglin is the man you want to gamble World War-3 on.... Not that he would have beaten Labor at the polls, to begin with.

Hell Israelis are still pissed they didn't go into Gaza. Same Israelis who were outraged about the price of freakin' cottage cheese in 2011..... LOL, people never learn.
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