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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
For people wondering what happened with the ground invasion, I think a lot of good theories have been presented, but I think the main idea is that Obama is a Muslim at heart, has openly said he would side with the Muslims, and is acting as such.

VALERIE JARRETT is his CLOSEST ADVISOR. Look her up, then you will understand why Obama is using his power to destroy Israel once and for all. Israel will be required to openly and willingly DEFY Barack Obama in order to fight for their lives and survive.

Netanyahu decided now is not the time to defy Obama. That is the only remaining mystery in my mind. To be clear, Israel could be attacked from all sides, and Obama can get on the phone and tell Netanyahu: "No ground troops".

Shortly after, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv will be overrun by Muslims and Israel will be history. How far will Netanyahu allow this to go? If left to Obama and Jarrett, Israel is finished within 2 or 3 years max.
 Quoting: ISO

OR, maybe....just maybe....Netanyahu being somewhat smarter than your average internet fanboy safely banging away at his keyboard in his mom's basement......realized that, at this time, a Gaza Ground-Invasion would be really, REALLY STUPID.

What with Iranian centrigues and Mahmoud Abbas plans to go to the UN in about a week's time... not to mention Mohammad Morsi having some constitutional, um, disagreement with Judiciary, Legislature & SCAF... and all.

But, hey, maybe Netanyahu is just a stupid "pussy" -- evidently as per the consensus of Internet Chiefs-of-General Staff.
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