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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle Zef
Post Content
I think the main idea is that Obama is a Muslim at heart, has openly said he would side with the Muslims, and is acting as such.
 Quoting: ISO


brain overload, right ?
you even dont know what makes any human a muslim...
being born from a muslim family is not enough...you have to practice your religion (prayer, follow Quran rules) daily.

When you see obama publicly side with christians it's deception and propaganda [link to fitsnews.com] , when you see him pray a PUBLIC muslim prayer, it's deception and propaganda [link to mystic444.files.wordpress.com] , then when you see obama wearing a kipa [link to maulanusantara.files.wordpress.com] , remember this is something a muslim would never do no matter what since God in Quran despise the jewish community for they unstoppable disobediance to Him.

this guy has no religion in his heart...at all !

quit spout crap to prove a point you dont embrace by your knowledge, remain with what you know unless you want to make a fool of yourself.


Harry Fear @harryfear
Overnight Gazan fishermen were attacked in southern Gazan territorial waters by Israeli naval forces with live fire. No injuries reported.
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