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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle Caliigirl
Post Content
Watch for the cease fire to end soon. It's happening.
 Quoting: Caliigirl

How soon you think?
 Quoting: reaperz73

My friend says within 4 weeks. (Being in Israel, he is in the better position to know) I say two.
 Quoting: Caliigirl

makes that 12/21/12 thing start to have some traction eh? Not that I'm a saying that will be the case I'm not a believer in that but still...would be something if some dramatic event did happen on that day.
 Quoting: godzilla85

Zilla, that WOULD be weird I agree. I still think it can't drag on that long especially since they tested David's sling and it was a good test today. (This may very well be the big FU because BO used Iron Dome as a wedge to get Israel to fall back. Raytheon developed David's sling and word is that Israel has more working knowledge of that one. We'll see, but if they are rushing the testing of that one just today, then they (Israel) is prepping fast and hard. I just can't see them waiting four weeks, but that's just me.
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