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Message Subject "Pillar of Defense (Cloud)" - Israel & Hamas Agree to Gaza Cease Fire
Poster Handle ISO
Post Content
Can someone tell me ( please forgive my ignorance ) but under what Law does Israel have the right to attack this ship?
If countries with Warships etc can freely move around with weapons onboard why is this ship not allowed to?

(serious question...not trying to take the piss or anything...just dont understand why Iran is not allowed to transport weapons to an ally..?)
 Quoting: taniatarn

Tania, with all do respect, you are a Palestinian supporter, you have made that perfectly clear on many occasions, so please stop trying to act impartial !

Israel is a sovereign nation and has a right to defend itself like any other nation on Earth!

Let's say for a second that New Zealand was at war with Australia and Kiwi intelligence got word that a big transport of ballistic missiles are en route to Australia with the aim of being fired at NZ at some point in the future !

Wouldn't you want your country to take preemptive action to stop that ship from ever delivering those rockets to the Aussies !?

It's the same think with Israel, it has the right to prevent weapons from reaching Gaza or Sudan because those weapons are going to be fired at Israeli cities in the near future !

Hamas wanted a cease fire so it can catch its breath, resupply from Iran and start the cycle all over again...Israel has the right to stop Hamas (a terrorist organization) from resupplying its weapon stash !
 Quoting: subzero86

Just to clarify my position...Religious Extremism and everything it stands for is very frightening.No matter what the religion. I dont like war full stop...and I certainly dont side with Hamas or Islam. But I do think that there is SIGNIFICANTLY less options for the Gazan children to be protected, than the Israeli Children and as a Mother this strikes a chord deep in my heart. I side with Palestines children being able to experience freedom from the current prison they are in ( and it is a prison not just in the physical sense but also a religious prison for them as well. ) Many many MANY people do not want to be there but cannot leave. The same cannot be said for the Israeli people who can freely come and go. I realise they are also suffering from the stress of rocket fire...I do not agree with this either and do not wish missiles to all on Israel at all. I believe religion is the root of this issue...and not just Islam/Muslim Extremism. The Jewish faith is just as dangerous.

Yes I would want something to be done to help prevent those rockets being fired on my country...but I would on the other hand want a Kiwi ship to make it to New Zealand with a supply that was destined for our defence. Do you see what that really means? If those weapons were bound for Israel to be fired on Gaza you would be cheering for it to get thru...and be livid if the Palestines Allies decided to illegally sink the ship...

That is why I asked the question impartially cause I want to know how this stands in line with international Law...can ISrael LEGALLY destroy the ship?
 Quoting: taniatarn

You are not impartial. Obvious Jihadist.
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