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Palace Revolution: First Petraeus, then Allen — who's next?

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United States
11/14/2012 10:21 AM
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Palace Revolution: First Petraeus, then Allen — who's next?
he political class is aghast at the spectacle of one after another of their holy icons falling: first it was David Petraeus, outed by a lone FBI agent in Tampa who took the discovery of his affair with Paula Broadwell to the House Republican leadership and effectively dynamited the CIA chieftain’s career. Now it’s Gen. John Allen, commander of US forces in Afghanistan: the discovery of his “thousands of pages of emails” to Jill Kelley — a 37-year-old looker whose complaints of email “harassment” garnered the full attention of the FBI and led to the downfall of Petraeus — has him in the dock.

Who’s next?

One could easily succumb to the temptation to simply cackle, like Madame Defarge, and attend to one’s knitting as heads roll. Rather than give in to such pure indulgence, however, this writer would much prefer to pursue the answer to a puzzling question: what is going on here? Is this just about the rutting habits of the lords and ladies of Washington, the national security realm’s version of Days of Our Lives — or is what we’re witnessing the equivalent of a palace revolution?

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