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Got to be the Strangest Elections ever tomorrow

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User ID: 26202189
United Kingdom
11/14/2012 01:38 PM
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Got to be the Strangest Elections ever tomorrow
Both England and Wales go to the Elections tomorrow, however these elections have got to be the biggest ever top secret election going.

England and Wales have to vote for there local Police police commissioner.

Now as far as I know, nobody even knows what the heck is a Police Commissioner, but even better who is actually standing to vote for.

So here we are the night before the election, no mention on the TV, nothing on the net, papers arent talking about it, and no information has been put through the letter box.

How on earth can anyone vote for something that A) what is a Police Commissioner? and B) who is standing and what are they standing for?

If more than 1% of the population actually vote tomorrow I will be very surprised!

and more important why? whats with the silence on this up and coming election?
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