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Message Subject Why do white guys make a big deal out of black men white women relationships?
Poster Handle Chip
Post Content

Yes, I have a father. He got in a car accident when I was 2. He has some brain damage and can't walk. I love my dad. He couldn't really take care of me and my 2 brothers. He was still in my life and still in my life. I love my father. He was on his way to work and was hit by an 18 wheeler.
 Quoting: CigarTigher

I also don't have kids, I have a job, I have never had sex and I am in college. I don't want to start a family until I am married and living on my own.
 Quoting: CigarTigher

Now you're trolling us!!!! You're going to turn this thread into a fap fest!
 Quoting: Chip

How am I trolling? Lol
 Quoting: CigarTigher

Nevermind...I'll just join the fest.
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