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Message Subject Why do white guys make a big deal out of black men white women relationships?
Poster Handle eve invcognito
Post Content
aw i see what is going on here.

i have spent my intire life training, despite my memory being erased, sometimes daily for days on end, to pretend i do not notice my own husband, and i don't love him, and once he finally finds me, in spite of my hiding from him, and demands his eternal rights, to find the least painless way for me to off myself after i leave far enough so he can't be accused of pushing me over the edge, and/or suffer and feel sorry for me or himself.

when that day came, my husband surprised me by not taking a -no- for an answer which resulted in 25 orgasams in which i have seen the light, passed out, died and came back and gushed like a gaisear, all while feeling so very guilty that with ever amazing orgasam i had, i am one step closer to bringing him to torture and slow and painful death....

i was sitting beside my body with fear and guilt that i am the worst and poorest excuse for a gf or a wife in the universe, and that i cannot escape my dreadful destiny of killing my own eternal husband who'm i loved more than anyone could know,including myself....the only plan B i could come up with, on such short notice, was to make my husband think i was an evil bitch, fool everyone into thinking i hated him and kill myself right there and then...

BUT, i was suppose to take serious, genuen human notice of some random guy, who'm i never met before, that was totally not even the kind of person i wld like to talk to at all, coz he seemed mean, pushy, hostile, macho prick, chest thomping monkey boy type.....( i got all that in passing from his desire to fuck his best friend's new gf, and from thinking about a woman he never met before in terms "she's a slut or she's not a slut, and since he didn't know me i cld only assume he was revieling more about himself that he wanted to, since, usually the men who objectify women and degrade them think in these terms, in the first place)


so this guy is stalking me all over the building i am staying at where obviosly i will have to exsecute my gory, not well though out for the lack of time, plan B of slashing myself open, but i was suppose to, hault mz urgent business of protecting abdul, take time, read this fool and realize that he has body issues since he is very west african looking and he grew up to believe that, that somehow makes him physically resemble an ape????


are you sure you people were seraphin angels beefore you became humans, coz it sure seems surreal to me that you were once majestic, amazing, highly intellignet forms of life, you derive conclusions in the same outrageous manner, and make same preposterous assumptions that hallow, void of any real sesne and intellignece, the fritzle made entities do.

i am really, honestly getting too old for this same old CRAP!

someone should give me one good reason i should belive you people are any different than THEM!?!?!?

or not, just dont...just...dont say a word please i have heard all i can take for today....my keayboard switched langugages on its own and its annoying and im tired...we can all talk later after i had a rest or a good nap, or threw up a little so i feel less sick to my stomack.
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