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Message Subject Why do white guys make a big deal out of black men white women relationships?
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content
and for what its worth, had i known that the rude bitch man -who thought i was a slut like his momma was, and was such a good friend to abdul he cldnt wait to fuck his new gf- had grown up to think he resembles an ape simply coz he is of west african heratige, i wld have used another word, id say -a dog -

its just in bosnia, pa serbo kroatiska, dog is a much worse insult than a monkey....

well, actually they are similarly strong in meaning, i was just in habit of thinking about rude, misogenystic bosnian peasent boys in terms of -a monkey-, rather than -a dog-, i am sorry that it translated so tragically into my interaction with the -dog man- whos only goal was to fuck me so he could later on have some material for demaning me and calling me a bad woman/person....

i have honeslty never been so insulted in my entire collection of lives, and who the fuck do some of you think you are?
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