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Message Subject Why do white guys make a big deal out of black men white women relationships?
Poster Handle eve incognito
Post Content
White guys don't like giant asses, and other typical features of the African female...in general, is what I'm trying to express...

 Quoting: BRIEF

aw this must be why white slav boys on avrege very intimidated by the very idea of an african penis, for the lack of knowlidge about africans, but non the less intimidated, were always in trance over my oversized big, heart shaped but, and this is why i never catch any guy, african or pale, starring at my butt anymore, since lack of gym excersize, over thirty years of gravity and tiny loss of weight have turned my -baby-s got back- looking butt into flat, unatrctive old white woamns butt...i never liked you brief, but it-s not personal, u just have very lame ideas about the world.aw wait that does make it personal, doesnt it, ok fair enough, i dont like u.
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